Seriously, where the heck is this poll on the MH site? Even if it’s rigged, I wanna vote.

Also, no Johnny Spirit? For shame Mattel.

Edit - Ah, here it is:

Double Edit: The hell? Rider and Trina’s names suddenly turned into Finnegan Wake and Quinn Talyntino!


I am sorry if someone already posted it, but the official Site of Monster High promotes a poll to vote for the background characters we would like to become a doll in 2015! 

Can you provide a link to the actual voting page? It’s not showing up on


I am sorry if someone already posted it, but the official Site of Monster High promotes a poll to vote for the background characters we would like to become a doll in 2015! 

Can you provide a link to the actual voting page? It’s not showing up on

Might I request a tfmh Gory Fangtell edition?

Sure. Just give me some time to find some appropriate texts and screenshots.

More obvious plot ideas that have not appeared in Monster High yet

- Robecca, feeling that her steam powered engine is causing pollution, decides to upgrade herself to a new power source such as solar power, electricity, and wind power. Eventually, she decides to go back to her old steam engine, but exchanges coal for biofuel.

- Cleo and Nefera are forced to join their father on an expedition to explore an old pyramid and learn about their hertiage. Indiana Jones - style antics occur as they attempt to escape the trap filled pyramid.

- Elissabat visits Draculaura and complains about how being the Vampire Queen can be very boring and stressful sometimes. Drauclaura doesn’t agree, and they decide to disguise themselves as each other and take each other’s place for a few days. Draculaura lives as the Queen, and is overwhelmed by how much work Elissabat has to do. Meanwhile, Elissabat finds pretending to be a Monster High student is more dangerous than she thought.

- Clawdeen and Wydowna (BTW, why HASN’T Wydowna appeared in a webisode yet?) team up to do a fashion project together, though it’s not long before their different opinions on fashion begin to clash and they fall out. With the deadline looming though, the two decide to put all their ideas together, and Clawdeen directs Wydowna while she spins several dresses out of her webs.

- Tired of getting picked on by the new bully in school, Jackson decides he needs to learn to defend himself. He tries to learn weight-lifting from Manny, kung-boo from Jinafire and self defence from Johnny Spirit, but fails every time. Finally, he decides to just confront the bully and does soemthing even worse - he threatens to tell the guy’s mother.

- Draculaura and the Ghoulfriends decide to explore Draculaura’s closet for some old clothes, only to end up getting lost inside the labyrinth-like room. The group must navigate the maze and escape before they go crazy, but have a laugh as they discover Draculaura’s more questionable fashion choices.

-A heatwave hits Monster High, and Abbey instantly becomes popular when dozens of stuents begin hanging out with her just to stay cool. She enjoys the attention at first, but soon finds it tiring to have so many people leeching off her cold. So she and Ghoulia team up to find a way to keep everyone cool at once.


Isn’t Draculaura supposed to be unable to see her own reflection?

Now I want to see a Draculaura doll with really poorly applied makeup, like, eyeliner that just wings off in two different directions and lipstick all over the general area of her chin.

She’s been putting on her makeup without a reflection for hundreds of years, so she can pretty much do it blindfolded these days.

It’s about two weeks until Freaky Fusion is released on iTunes!

Is anyone willing to capture/film the cutscenes from Ghouls and Jewels? From what we’ve seen here so far, they’re a hoot.


What is with all these sudden complaints about Monster High’s animation?

Yes, the flash/3D animation for 2 minute cartoons and 70 minute movies that Mattel barely has a budget for isn’t the greatest

In other news, water is wet

And they’re still a hell of a lot better quality than movie and Webisodes for other toy franchises. Go watch the Mystixx Vampires webisodes or the Bratz CGI series before you complain about Monster High’s animation.
May I suggest Frankie/Andy for that new couples meme you reblogged?


  • Who was the one to propose: Andy, of course. Frankie might’ve made up her mind on going steady, but he was the one who decided when to commit.
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Frankie. She’d never done this kind of thing before (not even assisting with her friends’ weddings). There was a lot of work on the ghouls’ part to keep her calm.
  • Who decorated the house: They both did. Andy has a greenhouse of his own, and Frankie has her lab. People tend to tease that they’re a good example of green energy.
  • Who does the cooking: Andy.
  • Who is more organized: Frankie, otherwise she’d never remember where she put anything.
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: Andy, Frankie tends to over-work.
  • Who suggested kids first: Frankie, but in a very you-know-I-can-create-one-any-time-if-you-want-them way.
  • Who’s more dominant: Andy
  • Who’s the cuddler: They both are, especially when they’re tired.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.Andy HAS to be the big spoon; Frankie knows, she’s tried to fit her arms fully around him and she can’t.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Goofing off with their kids.
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Neither
  • Who kills the spiders: Pff, no one kills the spiders. Sometimes the ones that take Andy by surprise run off in terror when he screams, though.
  • Who falls asleep first: Usually, Frankie.
  • Do they have any “rituals”? Their routine is relatively ritualistic (until Andy intervines and changes something; a really repetitive routine is hard on him)
  • Who is louder? Oh Frankie no doubt. The roaring might be loud, but she could cause a power outage.
  • Who is more experimental? Andy has his ways, but Frankie’s the one who brings up things he’s never heard of.
  • Who takes more risks? Andy
  • Do they fuck or make love? Make love
  • Lights on or off? On
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Andy
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome? Neither, they’re both quite shy. It’s hard to think they’d be comfortable with that.
  • Who comes first? Frankie
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it? They’re both pretty good (from each other’s biased perspective), but Frankie prefers it.
  • Who is more submissive? Frankie
  • Who is more sensitive? Emotionally, Andy.
  • Who has the most patience? Andy, of course.
  • Which kinks do they share? I want to say electrocution play but I think that feels rather obvious. (And accidental.)

This is adorable, thank you.

Also, I had never thought of Frankie doing kinky electrical stuff in bed until now.