"Lemme hear ya say Holt, Holt!!!!!"

Honestly, is it any wonder why the sheriff wanted to kill him so badly?


One of my best ghouls gave me this ghoulicious easter egg.. #MonsterHigh

Can’t believe they didn’t call these Beaster Eggs.
Gotta step your game up on those puns Mattel.


One of my best ghouls gave me this ghoulicious easter egg.. #MonsterHigh

Can’t believe they didn’t call these Beaster Eggs.

Gotta step your game up on those puns Mattel.

Alternate Ghoul Sports

While I love that the upcoming Ghoul Sports line features the ghouls playing sports that are usually associated with male players, I do feel that the actual sports - baseball, football and tennis - are a bit obvious, and things we’ve seen in kids toy lines many times before. If Mattel ever do a second wave, I’d love to see them incorporate some of the more unusual and lesser known sports out there. A few ideas…

Ghoulia and Slow Moe: Snooker (Spooker) or Pool. What better sport for zombies than one of the slowest, methodical games out there. Plus, it’s an excuse to dress Ghoulia and Moe in snazzy waistjackets.

Lagoona and Honey: Water Polo. We know Lagoona can swim fast, but can she handle a ball? It would be nice to see the aquatic ghouls in more professional competition swimsuits.

Avea Trotter: Equestriaism. Avea already has a dressage/show rider theme going on with her outfit, so why not expand on that and make her a full competition rider. She could come packaged with a fence to jump over.

Draculaura and Cleo: Golf. I headcanon that all the main ghoul’s dads are golf buddies, so it’s not hard to imagine the two wealthiest ghouls would take after them. Plus, you know Cleo would love a sport where she make someone carry her bag around.  

Howleen and Jinafire: Boxing/Martial Arts. Because girls can kick ass as well as anyone else, and a martial arts doll could be a great inspiration for any girls wanting to get into it.


Rochelle and Venus’ Zombie Shake Diary!

The hell? So acting like a zombie means talking in a posh accent? This sounds like the Monster High version of that Posh Hotel Mario video.

(Also Starjem, I think a couple of the pictures are out of order.)

As awesome as it would be, I doubt there’s going to be a CG remake of Fright On. Besides the fact that I doubt Mattel’s bean counters would go for it, (“But we already have a movie!”) wouldn’t remaking the first feature length movie warrant a bit more attention than just slipping it direct to DVD with another movie.

I’m really glad these movies are finally getting a release though. Now only are they among the best of the specials, but hopefully it introduces the newer fans to Gory, Bram, Romulus and Andy, and they become popular enough to warrant dolls/more inclusion in the canon.


So this is one of my rare smut prompts for my dear textsfrommh.
NSFW so under a cut.

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Thank you so much for this, it’s a wonderful tale! You really depicted Frankie and Andy perfectly, and I loved the awkward banter between them, it felt very natural. I can’t praise this enough. 

So Twyla’s full name is just Twyla Boogieman?

Wow, way to stretch your imagination there Mattel. You’d think at this point in the franchise, punny names would be second nature to you.

Fanfic: Vampire Bat-tle

Just a little fic I wrote, based on the idea that vampires would probably compete with each other using their powers.

This one goes out to askgoryfangtell, who’s an awesome gal and one of the best MH fic writers around.

Vampire Bat-tle

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Clawd spoke as he, Frankie and Clawdeen followed Draculaura up the spiral staircase of Monster High’s clock tower. "I mean, this is Gory we’re talking about. You know she’s probably not going to play fair."
Laura looked back at him, a determined glare in her eyes. “I’m not backing down. I’m gonna show that stuck up dingbat once and for all that I’m not going to take her insults!”
She stomped up the stairs at a faster pace. Clawd just sighed, thinking that it was going to be one of those lunch breaks.
It had started innocently enough in the creepeteria. Laura had been telling him and the ghouls about how she had been playing around with her new found powers since Elissabat’s coronation, and had also been taking lessons on flying as a bat and moving as mist from her father via Skype. Gory happened to pass by, and had made a snide remark about Laura being a mere kindergartener compared to the other vampires. Laura had not taken this lightly, and had confronted the taller vampire. What started as an argument escalated into a full blown shouting match, and he’d been forced to separate the two.
Then to everyone’s surprised, Laura had declared that she wanted to challenge Gory to a battle. Gory had happily accepted, telling her that she would be waiting for her at the top of the clock tower. It made to sense to Clawd, Laura was the least violent monster he knew.
He tried to reason with her again. “Look babe, I’m sick of Gory’s attitude as well, but I don’t think beating each other up is the way to resolve it. Someone’s gonna get hurt.”
Laura paused at look at him. “What? Don’t be silly, we’re not going to fight each other.”
"But… you just challenged her to a battle…"
"No, I challenged her to a ‘bat-tle’." She replied, emphasizing the ‘bat’ sound. "Totally different."
"Er… how?"
"You’ll see." They reach the top of the stairs, and Laura opened the door, leading into the open area where the bells hung.
Gory and Bram were already there. An approving smile flashed across Gory’s face as she watched them approach.
"Well well… I must admit, I thought you wouldn’t show up."
Laura marched up to her, staring at the taller vampire in the eyes. “I’m not the same little vamp you made fun of when you first came here. I gained a lot more than just my powers during that little adventure.”
"Heh, don’t be so full of yourself, shrimp. Besting a moron like Lord Stoker hardly qualifies as a struggle to overcome." Gory retorted.
"You’re right.. but you know what is a struggle? Listening to your essays during Dead Literature class. You could put the dead to sleep, the way you go on."
"At least people learn something from my essays, unlike your fluffy little stories…"
Clawd quickly got between them. “Hey hey, lets not say something we’re gonna regret…”
Bram took his shoulder and pulled him back. “I suggest you keep your distance. You don’t want to get between two vamps about to start a bat-tle.”
"Clawd’s right!" Frankie spoke up. "Just because you have your differences is not an excuse to hurt each other."
Gory rolled her eyes. “Ugh, no one’s gonna get hurt. It’s a bat-tle, not a brawl.”
"What does that mean?" Clawdeen asked.
Gory ignored her. “Let’s get this started, shall we?”
Bram nodded, and pointed towards the grounds surrounding the school. “Alright ladies.. you start by heading towards the pool, around the high dive board, then do a lap around the whole school, then go higher, and do two loops around all four spires, before returning here. First one past the bells wins. Challenging enough for you?”
"I think I can handle that." Laura smiled.
"We shall see…" Gory muttered. "You know, it’s a bit boring if we just do this for fun. How about a little wager to make things more interesting?"
Laura looked at her suspiciously. “What kind of wager?”
"Oh… loser has to do anything the winner asks."
Gory grinned wickedly at her. “Still want to do this?”
Laura nodded. “Try and stop me.”
"Alright!" Bram shouted. "Take your places! This bat-tle is about to start."
"Wait, what are you doing?" Clawd asked desperately as Laura and Gory stood side by side, facing the edge of the roof.
"Ready.. GO!" Bram threw down his hand. Laura and Gory broke in a run toward the edge. Before Clawd could react, they leaped off the edge.
"Ahh NOOOOO!" Clawd shrieked, diving toward the edge in a last ditch attempt to grab them, only to fall to the floor. He could look down over the edge though, and was just in time to see Laura and Gory freefall toward the ground. Suddenly, there was a poof of smoke, and the two transformed into bats, Laura with dark pink fur, Gory with sleek black.
He watched as they flew across the grounds toward the swimming pool.
"Wait… are they racing each other?"
"Well, yeah. What did you think they were going to do?"
"They said… if it’s just a race, why did they call it a bat-tle?"
"Same reason you call basketball ‘Casketball’ and call everything else a ridiculous pun around here. Because." Bram shrugged.
"Oh.." Feeling stupid for missing the obvious, Clawd returned his attention to the race.
The two bats had rounded the high dive board, and were now flying low as they followed the tiled path which led around the school building. It was hard to get a good view of them, they were moving incredibly fast, their wings beating back and forth at rapid speed.
"Wow…" Frankie stood beside Clawd, tracking the two bats with her eyes. "I had no idea bats could fly that quickly."
"They’re faster than you think." Bram spoke. "Though I think with their pride on the line, they’re really pushing themselves more than usual."
 Clawd had to agree. The two had already rounded the school and were now flying upwards, heading towards the farthest spire at the side of the building. They were moving so fast, he was afraid they were about to fly smack into the spire, but with a quick twist of their wings, they easily turned just in time, before flying into a tight loop around the spire.
They darted off toward the other spires, looping around each one before darting off toward the next. Neither of them let up, the pink bat keeping up with the darker one with ease, even as they swooped around each spire.
"Wow.." Clawd breathed, highly impressed by the quick maneuvers his ghoulfriend was pulling off. For someone who’d unexpectedly learned to turn into a bat only a few weeks ago, she was flying as if she’d been born a bat.
They were still neck and neck as they rounded the final spire, and began speeding toward the clocktower. They seemed to be going even faster as they streaked toward them.
"Ooh!" Frankie quickly pulled out her iCoffin and stood to the side, holding the phone’s camera up. "I think this is going to be a photo finish."
"I think you’re right…" Clawd agreed. He stepped forward, standing right in their path. "Come on babe! You can do it!" Kick her ass!"
The two bats zoomed forward, speeding past the bells. Clawd realized too late that they were about to fly into him. Gory dodged at the last minute, but Laura flew directly into him. There was a puff of smoke, and suddenly he felt a weight crash into him and send him sprawling to the floor.
He looked up to see Laura, back to her usual self, laying atop his chest where she’d charged into him.
"Are you okay?" He asked, alarmed.
Laura looked up and smiled at him. “My hero.” She kissed his cheek.
"Damn…that was amazing!" He exclaimed as he got up and helped her to her feet. "I think you were going faster than me on a full moon."
"Maybe we should race and see if that’s true." Laura giggled.
"Hey, enough with the mush." Gory’s voice rung out. She stood with Bram, back to normal, staring at Frankie. "Do you know who won?"
Frankie studied the video she had recorded of them passing the finish line. Her expression fell as she watched the finish.
"It was… Gory. By a nose." She held up the phone for all to see, showing Gory only just crossing the finish line before Laura.
"Yeees!" Gory pumped her fist.
"Awwwwwwww!" Laura whined. "I thought for sure I’d won. I was so close as well!"
Clawd put an arm around her. “Hey, don’t stress out about it. I thought you did great.”
"Yes, I’m actually impressed." Gory spoke.
Laura blinked, hardly believing she was hearing praise from Gory. “Seriously?”
Gory nodded. “I thought I was going to leave you in the dust, but you kept up with me throughout the entire bat-tle. I really had to break a sweat there just to keep my lead.” She offered her hand. “I take back what I said before. You’re much more skilled than I thought you were.”
"Well… thank you." Laura shook her hand.
"That said… we still have our little bet to sort out."
Laura sighed. She’d hoped Gory had forgotten about that. “Oh, fair enough. So what do you want? You want me to be your slave for a week or something?”
Gory laughed. “Please, nothing so pedestrian as that. I had something special in mind…”
She leaned in closer and whispered into Laura’s ear. Laura’s jaw dropped.
"What… No! No way! Not for a whole week… just No!"

"So, what was the bet, anyway?" Cleo asked as she met Clawd, Clawdeen and Frankie in homeroom the next morning.
"Beats me." Clawd shrugged. "I heard her mutter something about wardrobes. Then they both flew off towards Laura’s place."
"Well I hope it’s not too bad.. that Gory can be vicious sometimes."
"Oh come on." Frankie spoke. "How bad could this bet possibly be?"
Suddenly Gory and Bram entered the room, Gory clapping her hands to get everyone’s attention.
"Ladies and Gentlemonsters!" She declared loudly. "I am proud to present… the new and improved Laura Dracul!"
Laura shuffled into the room, an angry, petulant expression on her face. And it wasn’t hard to see why.
All of the pink had been washed out of her hair, and replaced with a pair of red hair extensions weaved into her dark locks. And instead of her usual lolita inspired fashion, she wore a form fitting red blouse, a black silk scarf around her neck, and a tight black pencil skirt. She blushed as she felt everyone’s eyes on her.
"Sweet mother of Osiris.." Cleo breathed, eyes wide. "I never thought I’d see the day…. no pink at all."
"This is so embarrassing." Laura moaned.
Gory gave her a light push, grinning with delight. “Oh quit whining, it’s only for a week, and you look gorgeous. The time I’m done, you’ll love dressing like an adult.”
"Don’t hold your breath." Laura muttered as Gory moved to sit with Bram. She took her usual seat next to Clawd.
Clawd looked her over. “Soooo… this is the bet?”
"She gets to choose my outfits for a whole week." Laura huffed. "I can’t stand this… I don’t want to look like some stuck-up, snooty vampire for a week! Plus these skirts make my hips look huge."
"Well, if it helps.." Clawd smiled warmly at her. "You actually make that get up look really, really good."
Laura glared at him angrily for a few moments, but eventually her gaze softened and she snuggled up against his side, grateful for the complement.
"When this week is over, I’m challenging her to another bat-tle. And when I win, I’m making her wear my wardrobe."
"Hey, lets not be hasty." Clawd smirked as she looked at him curiously. "I’m sure we can think of something much more embarrassing for her do than that."
"You have some ideas?" She grinned. "I’m all ears…"


Just a reminder everyone, Frights Camera Action (aka Lala’s Bizarre Adventure) is airing on Nickelodeon tonight. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is your chance.

Cyclops siblings

I just realized… all of the minor cyclops characters that have been given names within the webisodes and other media all have the same last name. We have Iris Clops, obviously. Then there’s Cy Clops, the dude from the Ghoulfriends books who fancies Robecca. And there’s Simon Clops, the super tall backgrounder cyclops from the webisodes.

So are these three all related to each other, or is this just lazy naming by the guys in charge. I like the idea of them being part of the same family, it would be a nice thing to explore if they plan to expand Iris’ character as her doll inches closer to release.

So I just found out that George Newbern, the voice actor of Andy Beast from Escape from Skull Shores, is also the voice of Superman, from his various animated and video game appearances. And he’s voiced Sephiroth from FInal Fantasy!

He was also the voice of Teddy Rex, the annoying animatronic dinosaur from the godawful movie Theodore Rex, but lets not hold that against him.


After having that weird Dream in Hisstory the other day, Clawd was acting a little weird. He was a little uneasy and blushed around his ghoul more than usual. He was alert and tried to stay awake in every class he usually would dose off in.
"Time for Mr. Rotter’s class," he…

This wouldn’t happen to be based on that short fanfic I wrote, would it?